Mar 26, 2014

New Macau Gallery

I’ve added a Macau gallery to my travel photography site. It features a selection of photographs taken on assignment for the Macau Tourism Office.

The former Portuguese colony, which has been crowned the gambling capital of the world, was handed back to China in 1999 and is a fusion of cultures.  The focus of this assignment was to capture the cultural heart and soul of Macau, which lies beyond the decadence of its glittering casinos.

Mar 16, 2014

Street Scenes: Vintage Hollywood

For more than two decades the corner of La Brea and 1st in Hollywood, Los Angeles has been the scene of a large collection of former movie props for sale and rent.

The contents of Nick Metropolis spill onto the sidewalk. It is filled with oddities, eccentric objects of desire and vintage pieces sought by designers, collectors and assorted pack rats.

Feb 25, 2014

Los Angeles Bound

I’m flying to Los Angeles this week to spend about seven days photographing the city and surrounds. This is an annual trip to update my image files and it is no coincidence that this time of year is chosen.

Unlike the typically bleak North East during winter months, the light is good most of the year in Southern California. LA is the epicenter of the film industry in the United States for good reason. I’ll just happen to be there during the Oscars so I leave you with this photograph of preparations for the Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard taken on a previous trip.

Feb 14, 2014

The Taj Mahal: Man’s Greatest Monument to Love

The Taj Mahal could be considered man’s greatest monument to love. For the more cynical among you I would also like to point out that it is indeed a tomb. 

Happy Valentines Day to the lovers and cynics of the world.

Jan 29, 2014

Street Scenes: Exercise in Macau

A common sight in Macau’s public parks, particularly in the morning, is residents working out on brightly painted built in exercise equipment.

I wonder if the appeal of exercising outdoors and not paying a monthly gym membership is motivating for borderline couch potatoes.  Equinox eat your heart out.

Jan 15, 2014

Street Scenes: Architectural Fusion Macau China

Macau’s architecture is a unique mix of southern European and Chinese, the result of more than four centuries of East meets West. A former Portuguese colony its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visually you feel as though you are in the Mediterranean one minute, China the next or both at the same time fused seamlessly. Macau became one of two Special Administrative Regions of China - Hong Kong is the other - in 1999 when Portugal handed it back.